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deathto1962 asked:

In regards to your post about "being who you want to be". Yes, you indeed have that free will. But you cannot be a sodomizing Catholic. Sodomy is a sin that cries out to the Heavens for vengeance. You can't inherit the Kingdom of Heaven as a homosexual who acts on his deranged perversions. God bless.

Nice try with the guilt trip (something that Catholics are quite good at from what I understand) but I’m an atheist.  I don’t believe in god or any of that nonsense in the Bible.  The world would be a better place without religion, IMHO.

13 Striking Images From 'Humans Of New York' Photographer's World Tour

Humans Of New York is, without doubt, the BEST thing on Facebook.  If you aren’t following this page you really should.  He shows humanity in all its many and varied forms.  He has a Tumblr page, too.


Grilled cheese sandwiches are awesome, but grilled cheese from heaven delivered via parachute? That’s super awesome! And that’s exactly what has just started happening in New York City thanks to an Australian pop-up restaurant called Jafflechutes. We aren’t kidding, grilled cheese sandwiches really are falling from the sky and we wish we were in NYC right now.

"Jaffle" is an Australian term for grilled or toasted sandwiches. In 2013 three guys in Melbourne who really love jaffles (Adam, David and Huw) successfully crowdfunded their concept for delivering tasty jaffles via parachute - Jafflechute! One year later they decided to tempt Americans with the same offer, grilled cheese sandwiches delivered from on high. Their second fundraising campaign was a success and the jaffles are now descending to meet their destiny in the hands (and bellies) of hungry New Yorkers.

The setup is simple: The Jafflechutes crew posts when they’ll be working. Payment is submitted via PayPal and a delivery/drop time selected. At the appointed time the customer stands on an ‘X’ marked on the sidewalk outside the designated location and awaits the arrival of their very own jaffle. Provided the wind isn’t too strong, a yummy grilled cheese sandwich that’s been carefully wrapped up with a tiny parachute attached is then dropped from a window overhead.

But don’t worry if the wind is up. If your jaffle happens to get stuck in a tree, Jafflechutes says you won’t have to chase after it, they’ll make you another.

Click here to watch Jafflechutes in action.

Visit the Jafflechutes website to learn more. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

[via The Telegraph, USA Today, Gawker and Jafflechutes]

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a grilled cheese sandwich!


"Before he was born, so much of my life was about moving forward. I was always looking toward the next house, the next car, the next job. Having a child with special needs really made me slow down and examine my definition of success. It also opened my eyes to how many people around me were willing to help."
"What was your most difficult moment as a parent?"
"After being strong for so long, there was a moment when my wife finally broke down. And that was very difficult for me to see."
"What was your happiest moment?"
"After months of coming home from work every day, kissing him on the cheek, and telling him I loved him— one day he said it back."

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