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Time to update the Netflix queue…

I’ve had two Netflix DVDs out since September 2013. I’m surprised Netflix never said a word, not even an email.

Anyway, since I’m paying for both DVD and streaming, it seems kind of dumb to hang on to them. So I’m finally sending them back. I went on Netflix’s website and I didn’t realize how many movies I’ve missed over the last year that I wanted to see. Adding them to the queue.

Also, after seeing Boyhood, I wanted to see more of Richard Linklater’s films. Added to the queue.

And, of course, I added some Robin Williams movies. Many of which I haven’t seen.

Oh, and I added Frozen. Because it seems like every youngster in America has watched this film 10,000 times. So I wanted to see what the hubbub was about.

Just no!


James Foley’s family has asked that people not share the video of him being beheaded. I understand people’s morbid curiosity. But why in the world would you WANT to share a video like that?

Wow, I just watched a video of a guy getting his head cut off. I think I’ll send it to my mom and all my friends. Do people actually do that? What the hell is wrong with people?

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